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Roller Mill

The product taken from the Feeding Helix is distributed evenly between the rollers and they are adjusted according to the desired grain or pellet size and perform the crushing process.

The main feature of the ORYEM production ROLLER MILL is the mechanism that allows the opening of specially designed rollers, which prevents the product remaining on it and damaging the rollers.

A special bearing system is available that prevents metal parts from damaging the rollers, and a magnet is also available in the feeding system.

Cleaning the rollers can be done while the machine is running thanks to the brushes in the machine, and the rollers can be easily replaced by fully opening the front surface of the machine.

Thanks to the automated local panel, the machine works more conveniently. With the timing belt system, the speed of the rollers is better adjusted.

Thanks to the flap system in the entrance section, there is a by-pass feature.

Features :

Mechanism that allows the front surface of the Roller Mill to be fully opened Easily interchangeable rollers
By-pass system
Full automation
Special bearing system
Ability to adjust desired grain or product size
Energy saving

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