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Rotary-Shake Sifter

Rota-shake Sifters (hereinafter referred to as “sifter”) are suitable for screening and grading of mashes and pellets, and preliminary cleaning of feedstuffs in feed mills, and grading of intermediate products in large- and middle- scaled feed mills. In addition, they can also be widely used for screening and grading of feedstuffs and finished products in cereal and food processing, chemical engineering, sugar engineering, mining and papermaking industries.
Under the action of the circular motion of the feeding end of the sieve body on the feed machinery, the feedstuffs are distributed uniformly on the width of the sieve cover rapidly and graded automatically. Thus lower part of the feedstuffs with smaller particle size passes through the sieve rapidly, while the upper part of feedstuffs with bigger particle size moves towards the lower end (discharge end) along the inclined surface of the sieve body. Since there is not stirring or vertical jumping during the movement, smaller particles always hug closely to the sieve cover and can pass through the sieve at all time.

Transmitted through the V-type belt from the motor
Balance weight and suspended elastic support design
No need lubrication.
Function of quick screen changing.

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